These are the Most Common Pests in Connecticut

Now is the time to take the necessary steps to prevent pests from entering your home. Pests come into a person’s home to search for food, water and shelter. They can also be detrimental to human and pet life. You never want to have pests living in your home, no matter how harmless they seem.

There are dozens of pests that live in the state of Connecticut, but there are always at least three varieties that Tom’s Pest Control deals with on a consistent basis. These are the most common pests in Connecticut.


Ants are rather harmful, and you have likely seen hundreds, if not thousands of them throughout your lifetime. However, they can be a big problem when they appear in colonies or swarms. Black ants are attracted to food, so they will frequent your kitchen often and attempt to spoil any food they find appetizing. Carpenter ants are the type that you especially need to look out for. While they do not eat wood, they can create holes and tunnels inside wood, possibly degrading the foundation of your home.


Mosquitoes are quite active in the warmer summer months. Mosquitoes are only found outside. So, when you plan to do any outdoor activities, plan accordingly. The best way to prevent mosquitoes from bothering you to is to get rid of any and all stagnant water sources. Swarms of mosquitoes can be attracted by even the smallest of puddles. Their bites, while not lethal, can be itchy and bothersome.


When you find a cockroach in your home, take action immediately. Cockroaches transfer diseases and cause allergic reactions. No matter how clean or dirty your home is, there is always something that can attract a cockroach to it, such as food, water, darkness, weeds, cracks and more. Once they settle in, they will lay eggs in one of these tempting areas. Cockroaches love the nighttime and hide during the day, so you may not see them often. Plus, if you see one, you can rest assured there are more lurking where you cannot see them.

If you are being bothered by these or any other pests in Connecticut, contact Tim's Pest Control for an inspection. We serve over 15 different cities in the state and have been happily helping homeowners for over 14 years.

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