Does Vacuuming Prevent Pests?

a woman vacuuming a house

Vacuuming the carpets in your home is more than just a simple chore that helps to keep a house clean. It can also contribute to keeping pests away. Although vacuuming alone cannot keep pests out of your house, it is a major step in helping to keep them under control and preventing a full-on infestation. Here is an overview of how regular vacuuming is an important step for controlling pests in your home.

Target Vacuuming

Targeted vacuuming is the first step in reducing pests in the home. Professional exterminators use vacuums with special attachments that are designed specifically to eliminate insects and other pests. They even have tools that are specially designed to remove insect and mouse allergens that linger in the air. You can use your own vacuum to achieve similar results.

Food Removal

Vacuums are excellent tools for removing food crumbs, lint and pet hair from floors and other flat surfaces that are easily accessible by pests. Ants, cockroaches, flies and other pests are attracted to your house by food, regardless of how small the pieces are. So, it is advantageous to vacuum regularly to minimize food crumbs and other particles that pests can snack on to keep the pests at bay.

Removal Of Pests

Vacuuming on its own cannot remove a complete infestation of any type of pest. However, it can remove small amounts of small insects like ladybugs, box elder bugs, stink bugs, millipedes and clover mites. Getting rid of these bugs when there are only a few of them can help to stop an infestation before it takes hold in your house.

Removal Of Other Particles

Not only will vacuuming your carpets remove small amounts of pests in the home, it will also help you get rid of other particles, such as pest droppings, shed skin, webs, egg cases and sawdust piles. These particles are all signs that there are pests in the house. So, getting rid of them will help you determine if you still have pests in the house.

Make Other Efforts Easier

Vacuuming your house helps prepare it for other extermination efforts. It removes dust and debris from surfaces to make insecticides application easier. Vacuuming also fluffs-up carpeting so insecticides can penetrate the fibers better. It can also take care of getting pests out of areas extermination treatments cannot reach.

If you need professional pest control help to supplement your vacuuming efforts to keep pests away, contact Tim’s Pest Control today.