Measure on Keeping Pests out of Your Chimney

It’s that time of the year when the leaves start changing colors, pumpkin spiced drinks make a return, and the weather starts cooling down. During the fall, people start spending more time in the warmth of their home. Unfortunately for animals, they don’t have the freedom of being in a temperature-controlled space. Making chimney’s a perfect target for rodents to migrate.

Troubles That Rodents Can Cause

Most of the time it’s rats or mice that people think about during the first signs of rodents, but racoons and birds are common among pests found in chimneys. These unwanted guests can cause health problems without you realizing it. Contact through droppings or urine could get you sick, and rodents will likely carry parasites, fleas or ticks.

Rodents can leave a foul odor if deceased. A dead animal that is stuck in the middle of your chimney could be a longer situation than expected. Odors can remain in the house up to eight weeks, until the body has decomposed.

Other dilemmas that could be created is when they build nests, or prepare to give birth. Their entry is also a pathway for other species. Not acting quick to get rid of these creatures can be damaging to your pockets, because smaller animals begin gnawing on insulation, wood and electrical wiring.

How to Prevent Pests From Returning to Your Chimney

Be wary if you try and take matters into your own hands. Yes, for smaller pests like mice you can seal up cracks or openings in the ground. For larger animals like squirrels and raccoons, they can retaliate if they feel threatened.

If you feel that this just started and could quickly be handled, then setting traps could be the first measure in stopping this occurrence. Sealing up all possible entry points in your home to catch and kill the rodents is another common solution.

Looking into chimney caps is a smart investment, because birds and racoons could mistake the inside of a chimney for a hollow tree. Instead of trying to smoke out any pests to run them out and causing a bigger problem, leave the removal of pests to certified professionals.

If you find yourself with an infestation of rodents, contact Tim's Pest Control today. We will find the best solution to solve your problem and prevent pests from returning.

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