How to Have a Pest Free Summer Picnic

AntThere's nothing like enjoying a picnic in the summer with your family and friends. No matter what size your picnic is, there's a potential that pests could take over the food that you have, making your picnic unforgettable in a negative light. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to keep as many pests as possible away from your fun time.

They Have a Sweet Tooth

Most pests enjoy foods that are full of sugar. If you plan on serving sweet foods at your picnic, keep them covered so that insects won't be able to smell them as easily as they would if they were sitting out on a plate. Beverages that contain a lot of sugar, such as sodas and lemonade, should be kept covered as well. Use bottles with caps that can screw on and off or lids that can be put on cans to keep pests from getting inside the containers. If you want to be a bit more proactive, cover all of the food that you serve whether it is sweet or not so that pests don't have anything to eat.

Look Before You Set Up

Before setting up your picnic, examine the area to see if there are any mounds or nests where insects could be living. An open area with a lot of grass and few trees is usually the best location for a picnic because many pests tend to use trees as a home. Cover yourself with insect repellent or even a light jacket to keep insects from smelling the aromas that your body exudes. Citronella candles also work well to keep insects away from your picnic. Set a few candles on the table you're using or around the edges of your picnic blanket. Torches with citronella candles are also a good idea and can create a beautiful setting for a picnic in the evening. Most mosquitoes will stay away from citronella candles, but the scent of them is pleasant for you and your guests to enjoy.

While there are ways to minimize pests during your picnic, a professional pest specialist should be contacted to remove them from your home. Contact Tim's Pest Control if you have pests around your home that you want to remove so that you can entertain friends and family during the summer season.

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