What Happens To Bugs In The Winter

The cold winter months eliminate many common pests. Mosquitoes, ants, termites, and other insects die from the freezing temperatures. Other pests, like rodents, hibernate for the winter, and only come out of their nests to get food.

Although the majority of insects will die in the winter, they will leave eggs behind, so a whole new family hatches in the springtime.

Some insects do hibernate, and they will try to find a warm, safe place to stay during the winter. This is where they will lay their eggs for the springtime. To them, your home looks like the perfect place.

Follow these simple steps to keep bugs out of your home during the winter.

1. Close your doors

The easiest way for bugs to get into your home is through open doors and windows. It's easy to leave a door open for a moment while stepping outside, but to eliminate pests, you must nix that habit. Try to remember to close doors and windows during the winter months, especially in the beginning of winter, when bugs are trying to find shelter.

2. Don't bring bugs into your home

The holiday season is a prime time to accidentally bring in pests. Many people decorate their homes with wreaths and Christmas trees, and bugs can be hiding in them. To completely eliminate pests, purchasing a faux Christmas tree and other decorations is the best option. If you absolutely love the smell of a real tree and simply need to have one, ask the people at the Christmas tree farm to inspect it before you buy it, to ensure there aren't any nests hiding in the branches.

3. Keep your yard clean

Leaving food, pet droppings, and debris in your yard will attract bugs and a variety of other pests onto your property. Keep your yard clean during the winter months to keep pests away. Make cleaning your yard a weekly habit, even if you just spend a few minutes tidying up.

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