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There is a science to pest control. When you seek out Fairfield County pest control to get pest control service, there are a few things you can expect from a good pest control company. Your technician will inspect your property for pest activity, potential entry points, conducive conditions, pest harborage, and other important factors.

The information gathered from this inspection will be used to determine treatment options. These options will be shared with you, and appropriate action will be taken to arrest pest activity and manage pests along the routes they take. Join us as we take a look at a few ways the service team here at Tim's Pest Control uses science to arrest pest infestations and provide ongoing pest protection in Wilton, CT.

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Residential Pest Control In Wilton, CT

Your residential pest control program will give you coverage for a wide range of pests. Many pests can be kept out of your home with simple solutions such as exclusion work applied to the exterior of your home.

Along with general pest management methods, like exclusions, our technicians also use targeted control methods. Here are a few examples:

  • Mosquitoes that bite you in your yard are mosquitoes that live in your yard. The solution for mosquito bite protection is simple: Stop mosquitoes from breeding. We do this by installing the In2Care system. When female mosquitoes come into your yard to lay eggs by the hundreds, they're likely to choose the desirable breeding habitat found in the In2Care traps placed on your property. Your traps will destroy the eggs and the female mosquito as well.
  • Ticks that get into your home are ticks that live in your yard. Wouldn't it be nice if your pets could go outside without picking up ticks and bringing them back inside? It is possible with routine tick treatments. We use Tick Killz Cedar Oil products. The mixture of natural ingredients in this product work to knock down ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes hiding on your property.
  • Targeted treatments keep Asian lady beetles and other unwanted pests from finding tiny holes missed during exclusion work. These treatments stop pests along the routes they take.

The goal of residential pest control is to manage pest populations, create barriers, and prevent pest reproduction. If you'd like to know what options are available for the pests you're dealing with in Wilton, reach out to us. We'd be happy to guide you toward the right pest control plan.  

Commercial Pest Control In Wilton, CT

Nowhere is the science of pest control better applied than in and around commercial environments. When addressing pest activity, the last thing you need is a control program that treats the symptoms rather than the problem. What do we mean? Your control solutions need to eliminate nests and harborage, pest reproduction, and pest development.

Many of our commercial pest control customers need service for common pests such as rodents. As with all common commercial pests, there is a process that works to stop infestations and exclude these pests.

  • We inspect for rodent activity and signs of infestation.
  • We seal entry points the rodents are using to get inside.
  • We apply traps in key areas to capture and remove rodents.
  • We return routinely to monitor and replace traps.
  • We continually evaluate the success of the rodent control program to make sure there is no rodent activity inside structures or in other key areas.

If you're looking to protect your Wilton business from rodents and other pests, we can guide you toward the right solution by using the science of pest control to give you long-lasting and sustainable results.

The Problems Rodents Can Cause In Your Wilton Home

Why is rodent trapping and exclusion so important? While a mouse or rat isn't much to look at on its own, it rarely infests a structure by itself. Mice and rats live in groups and also groups of groups. In these groups, they reproduce quickly.

As a population grows on your property, or inside a structure on your property, the problems mice and rats cause will increase. What problems? Here are a few examples:

  • Rodents chew holes to get inside.
  • Rodents damage stored items.
  • Rodents leave urine and feces in the places they explore.
  • Rodents contaminate areas with their waste, shed hairs, and saliva.
  • Rodents carry ticks, fleas, and other parasites.
  • Rodents chew on wires and present a fire hazard.

These are just some of the many reasons you're going to want effective rodent control when you start seeing signs of rodent activity.

Ant Infestations: The Best Way To Treat Them In Wilton

There are many ways you can address ant infestations on your own, such as cleaning areas where ants are found, removing food sources, addressing moisture issues, and sealing gaps. When ants routinely get inside or create an indoor nest, baits and other control products are needed. These are best selected and administered by a licensed technician so that you get the results you want.

Reach out to Tim's Pest Control for our ant control service. Our technicians have the training and experience to identify your pest ants and select appropriate products and methods to arrest your ant infestation.

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