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A more suburban town with a unique history dating back to the early 1700s, today’s Trumbull offers residents a warm, welcoming community, plenty of access to highly-rated schools, and many exciting recreational amenities. Unfortunately, pests seem to love the area as much as its residents do, often invading homes and businesses in search of food or shelter.

Fairfield County pest control is essential to keeping pest problems far away from your property, and Tim’s Pest Control LLC is just the company to keep your property pest-free. We tailor our treatment solutions to your property’s exact needs, allowing us to effectively and quickly treat your pest problems. With our help, any pest infestation in Trumbull will be taken care of in no time.

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Residential Pest Control In Trumbull

Our team at Tim’s Pest Control LLC knows how important it is to keep yourself and your family safe from the many troubles that pests bring in. We strive to keep your property pest-free and are committed to working with you to customize pest control solutions to your home’s exact needs.

Every residential pest control plan begins with an inspection of your home to look for moisture damage, conditions that encourage pest infestations, evidence of pests, and pest entry points. This information gives us everything we need to craft a pest control plan that targets the specific pest problems you are dealing with, efficiently and reliably eliminating them. We take your needs and concerns into account and provide follow-up services on an as-needed basis to ensure pest problems stay gone for good.

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Commercial Pest Control In Trumbull

The success of your commercial property in Trumbull depends heavily on you keeping your property up to standards and free of the health and safety issues that pest infestations bring. At Tim’s Pest Control LLC, our dedicated technicians will help you achieve this goal and work with you to eradicate every pest problem as efficiently as possible.

We start our commercial pest control plans with an inspection of your property to check for moisture damage, evidence of pests, and potential pest entry points. From there, we work on tailoring pest control solutions to your property’s needs and start setting up pest treatments immediately. Our technicians' service many different businesses, including medical and hospitality facilities, warehouses, property management buildings, multi-family units, golf courses, and more.

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Time To Protect Your Trumbull Home Against Stink Bugs

Dealing with stink bugs in Trumbull can initially seem overwhelming, but learning how to get rid of stink bugs doesn’t need to be stressful. Our expert advice below can help you protect your home against this pest and eliminate the stinky nuisance presence of this bug:

  • Discourage stink bugs from entering your home by sealing cracks around windows, doors, and the foundation. 

  • Utilize sturdy window and door screens in addition to weather stripping to stink bug-proof your house.

  • Make sure that any vented areas around attics or crawl spaces have screens or mesh to prevent stink bugs.

  • Keep any outdoor lighting to a minimum, as well-lit homes attract stink bugs. Use motion-sensor outdoor lights when possible.

  • Eliminate excess moisture and leaks that contribute to humid or damp environments that may attract stink bugs to your property.

  • Cut down long grasses and overgrown foliage outdoors in addition to storing woodpiles far from your property; this will remove stink bug harborage areas and make your property less desirable to this pest.

If you need more information or assistance protecting your Trumbull home from this pest, contact Tim’s Pest Control LLC immediately and let our expert technicians help you.

How Cockroaches In Your Trumbull Home Can Be Worse Than You Think

Most Trumbull residents know that cockroaches running around their property is far from ideal, but a cockroach infestation may be much worse than you initially thought. Cockroaches are one of the most unhygienic pests to accidentally host around your home due to the many diseases they carry and the way they spread bacteria and pathogens across surfaces and into food storage areas. Diseases you can pick up from cockroaches include serious illnesses such as cholera, dysentery, and salmonella. 

Additionally, cockroaches are relatively destructive. Their droppings, egg cases, and smear marks can ruin the walls or surfaces of your home, and any of their shed skins can trigger allergy or asthma issues in specific individuals. The larger your cockroach problem, the more likely respiratory issues will occur.

Contact Tim's Pest Control LLC for expert removal assistance to get rid of cockroaches around your Trumbull home and protect your family from this dangerous pest.

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