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Tick Control In Norwalk, CT

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Tick Control From Tim's Pest Control, LLC

Outdoor recreation can be rejuvenating. Taking a hike, playing field games, going on a walk, or having a picnic helps many people de-stress. Pests can be an obstacle, though. Not only can they annoy you and interrupt your fun, but they can also cause harm. Critters that drink blood from humans and animals, such as ticks, are especially dangerous. They're usually able to communicate illnesses. According to the Center for Disease Control, state and local health departments reported 50,865 cases of tick-related diseases. Noticing these bugs before they can nibble on you can be difficult because their bites don't hurt.

Managing tick populations in Norwalk is challenging because of their organic habitats, but we at Tim's Pest Control can make the process easier. Our affordable and effective pest control plans will enable you to protect your health and those you care about. You don't have to fall prey to ticks or spend a significant amount of money trying to combat them.

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Our Norwalk, CT Tick Control Process

When our experienced technicians visit your property for an inspection, they will look for several things. First, they'll try to identify possible entry pest points and vulnerabilities. With ticks, that can include worn door screens, high grass, pets that go outdoors, and exterior critter activity. Mulch and wood, in particular, will be surveyed. If there are any tick masses indoors, we will notify you. We provide a quote for services when we finish the evaluation.

In an effort to eliminate ticks, many people will try "do-it-yourself" techniques or retail pesticides. These avenues are costly and necessitate continual purchases because they aren't strong enough for infestations. In addition, they can be hazardous to utilize. 

At Tim's Pest Control, we have industrial-grade treatments designed to eradicate ticks. Our approaches are more budget-friendly and safe than anything you'll find in a store. The interior and exterior solutions our team will employ won't be harsh on mulch, ground cover, bushes, garden beds, or any other vegetation. Domestic animals will not be at risk either. Our remedy focuses on granules and sprays with Tick-Killz, which contains natural cedar oil. Tim's Pest Control will consider your concerns and the extent of the issue. We'll ensure that your yard is not a haven for ticks.

What Kind Of Plans Does Tim's Pest Control Have?

We have plans for both residential and commercial properties. Examples of businesses we serve are medical facilities, hospitality venues, warehouses, and golf courses. We can address ticks, mosquitoes, rodents, ants, cockroaches, beetles, and more. Warranties and guarantees are available. You can choose how frequently we visit; we'll come biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, seasonally, or semiannually.

Our staff has over 30 years of residential and commercial pest management experience, so you can rely on our insight. We are proud to be affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, and we have Rodent Academy Certification. Contact us now to request a free quote or to find out if you live in our pest management service area!

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