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Beetle Identification & Prevention In Norwalk, CT

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What are beetles?

Beetles are insects identified by their unique wing structure. Their first pair of wings are hardened and provide a protective shell for the second pair of delicate wings they use to fly. When at rest, the first pair of a beetle's wings meet in the middle and form a distinctive line down the back.

Two beetles common in our area are garden pests; the ladybug and the Japanese beetle:

  • Ladybugs are domed-shaped insects with a red and black color pattern. Their unique appearance makes them easy to identify in our yards.
  • Japanese beetles have a metallic green head and thorax with copperish wing covers. At the sides of the abdomen are five white patches of hairs, and at the tip of the abdomen, there are two other white patches of hair.

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Are beetles dangerous?

Most beetles, including ladybugs and Japanese beetles, pose no direct harm to people. They don't bite, sting, nor do they pose significant health risks.

However, there are problems that these pests do cause. Japanese beetles eat through leaves, flowers, and fruits on trees and plants, causing damage to gardens and landscaping. After a Japanese beetle feeds on a leaf, it has a "skeletonized" appearance.

Ladybugs often choose our homes to overwinter in large difficult-to-manage populations.

Other species of beetles are pretty destructive and feed on and damage things like carpets, upholstered furniture, clothing, and dry goods stored in kitchens and pantries.

Why do I have a beetle problem?

The scents of flowers, fruits, and trees will lure Japanese beetles to a property. Pheromones that Japanese beetles produce work to attract these beetles to each other and a property they are infesting.

Ladybugs are most problematic in areas with a lot of gardens and flowerbeds. They love to feast on aphids that feed on plants found in our yards. When temperature drops in the late fall, ladybugs seek warmth on the sunny exterior of homes and other buildings. As they crawl along the exterior, they find their way inside, where they overwinter in the wall voids of your warm house. Protect your property with our effective ladybug control solutions!

Where will I find beetles?

When overwintering in a home, ladybugs hide in attics, behind walls voids, under floors, or in crawl spaces. People generally only notice their presence when they move inside in the late fall or back outside in the spring.

Japanese beetles are active on warm, sunny days and prefer to feed on plants in direct sunlight. While these insects usually don't cause problems inside of our Connecticut homes, they do wreak havoc in our yards.

Other beetles can also be found infesting wood. Flooring, structural timbers, antique furniture, and wood trim can all be infested and damaged by different species of beetles.

How do I get rid of beetles?

Reach out to Tim's Pest Control to get rid of beetles from your Norwalk area property. We are a local pest control company that works closely with our customers and provides the highest quality services possible. We live in the areas we service, giving us a deep understanding of the pests that live throughout Connecticut and regularly invade homes. To learn more about our residential or commercial pest control services in Norwalk, or to request a free quote in our Connecticut service area, call today!

How can I prevent beetles in the future?

You can do several things in and around your home to avoid problems with Japanese beetles, ladybugs, and other types of beetles.

  • Vacuum your home frequently to eliminate any hiding beetles.
  • Seal potential entry points like gaps around windows and doors, torn screens, and cracks in exterior walls.
  • Leave a barrier between landscaping, shrubs, bushes, and your home's exterior.
  • Plant things like chrysanthemums, lilac trees, or pansies in your garden areas; these plants naturally deter Japanese beetles.

When it comes to effective pest control, nothing is better than partnering with a professional. Tim's Pest Control will identify and eliminate the pests that have found their way onto your Connecticut property!

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