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First established in 1649, Norwalk, CT, is the sixth most populous city in the state and currently has a population of just under 92,000 residents. Located close to the northern part of Long Island Sound, Norwalk is ideal for people looking to start up a business, as the city is very close to the New York metropolitan area. Norwalk also boasts many festivities and a great school system, making it a wonderful place to raise a family as well. Unfortunately, as more people have moved into Norwalk and the surrounding areas, Fairfield County pest control needs have gone up. Read on to learn how Tim’s Pest Control can help your home and business be pest-free today!

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Residential Pest Control In Norwalk

Finding that disgusting pests have invaded your home is a violating feeling, as it tends to shatter our sense of security. It can also make us feel frustrated and embarrassed. At Tim’s Pest Control, we offer compassionate and comprehensive residential pest control services to help you get that feeling of security back.

Our services include:

  • Chemical treatment options.
  • Chemical-free treatment options.
  • State-of-the-art technology to permanently remove the pests from your home.

Our residential pest control services are flexible and customizable, allowing our technicians to prescribe treatments as unique as your situation. Additionally, they will help you implement prevention strategies to keep any other pests from trying to set up shop. If you are concerned about the health and safety of your family because of a pest infestation, give us a call; let us help you get your peace of mind back today.

Commercial Pest Control In Norwalk

Fairfield County pest control needs have especially increased in the commercial sector, and for good reason. Having pests invade your establishment can not only be a great hit to your carefully managed reputation, but they could also harm your employees and patrons. That’s why Tim’s Pest Control offers many different commercial pest control services.

If you partner with us to eliminate your pest problems, we conduct treatment as follows:

  • We come out to your business and provide a free consultation and estimate.
  • We then put together a plan of action designed to attack the infestation at its source.
  • We will then execute the treatment plan in rapid response, allowing you to get back to running your operations without the threat of pests.

We utilize the same high-quality treatments and technologies to eliminate and manage pest infestations for our commercial clients as we do our residential clients. If you are looking for prompt, reliable pest management service, give us a call today!

Five Tips To Avoid Ticks In Norwalk

Tick bites are something we all fear, especially here in New England. Because these pests can carry such harmful diseases, it is important to know how to avoid them.

Below are five things you can do every day to avoid tick bites:

  1. Wear long sleeves, pants, and socks. These are very helpful to keep ticks from latching onto you.
  2. Don’t go in fields of grass, especially ones with very long blades, as ticks are notorious for hiding in these environments.
  3. Check yourself for ticks if you have been outdoors (even if it’s just your garden). Also, check your pets for ticks and remove them immediately.
  4. One way to maximize the value of wearing long clothing is to tuck your pants into your socks, which will block a tick’s chance to sneak onto you that way.
  5. Use a fine-toothed comb on yourself and your pets to flush out ticks that may be hiding in your hair or fur.

If you are looking for effective tick repellent for your yard, give us a call at Tim’s Pest Control. We offer special treatments that are proven to keep these pests out of your yard, allowing you and your family to get back to enjoying the outdoors once more.

Norwalk Homeowners Guide To Avoiding Rodent Problems

Rodents are not only creepy to most, but they can also cause a lot of physical damage to your home, as well as pass on deadly diseases.

Below are some tips to avoid a problem with rodents:

  • Spray-foam insulation takes away the ability of rodents to nest in your walls. Think about having your soft fiberglass insulation removed and redone with spray-foam.
  • Go around your home and seal up any holes you may find, no matter how small, as this is how rodents tend to get into homes in the first place.
  • As our basements and attics collect junk and physical items, the places tend to get cluttered. Rodents love this, as it provides them with a safe place to nest and reproduce. Clear out the clutter and better organize your things to take this away from them.

If you are struggling with a rodent infestation, the experts at Tim’s Pest Control can help you pinpoint what specific prevention strategies you need to implement in order to have a rodent-free home. Contact us for help today!

When Are Beetles Most Active In Norwalk?

Beetles are considered nuisance pests that usually enter Norwalk homes because of light, but also in search of yard debris and pantry items. If local residents are wondering when they are most active, they can expect to see an increase in populations during the months of July and August. Adult beetles typically die off in the beginning of fall. It’s also important to note that beetles do lay dormant for certain parts of the day, so it may be more difficult for homeowners to locate them on their properties. They are typically active in the early hours of the morning and in the late afternoon.

At Tim’s Pest Control, we provide ongoing support against beetles with year-round beetle control in Norwalk. Our company has been providing these services for more than 25 years. We follow Integrated Pest Management methods in order to create long-term relief from pests like beetles. It also ensures that we utilize the safest treatments possible. For more information on beetle prevention, please call us today.

How To Keep Flies Out Of Your Norwalk Home

Flies are primarily considered a nuisance pest; however, they can sometimes be linked with food poisoning, E. coli infections, and dysentery. In order to keep flies out of your Norwalk home, try these tips:

  • Seal off gaps. To keep flies outside, you should repair worn window screens and apply weatherstripping around doors, vents, and windows. 
  • Be conscientious about food. In order to eliminate enticing factors for flies, dispose of food outdoors or in well-sealed garbage cans. It’s also important to take out the trash often. You’ll also want to get rid of fruits that have gone bad and disinfect your counters and floors to get rid of spills. 
  • Try plants. There are some plants that might provide some relief from flies. Those include lavender, catnip, and basil. 
  • Address moisture. Flies are lured to moist conditions, so it’s imperative that you fix any leaks and make sure that you shut off faucets completely. 
  • Work with a professional. Flies can end up in your home seemingly overnight. For the most reliable fly control in Norwalk, consider working with a pest control expert. 

For more information on keeping your home fly-free, call the experts at Tim’s Pest Control to find out about our fly control services.

Five Signs Your Norwalk Home Has A Cockroach Problem

Developing a cockroach problem in your Norwalk home is a lot easier than you might think. Some species utilize your drainage system to enter your home, while others infest packages or simply slip through any flaws in your foundation. They come in search of moisture, food, and water. Unfortunately, determining whether or not you have cockroaches can be a challenge because they live out of sight and are primarily nocturnal. That said, here are five signs that your home might be infested with cockroaches:

  1. Shed skins or body parts
  2. Lots of fecal matter on countertops that resemble pepper grounds
  3. Finding live adult cockroaches
  4. Tiny chew marks on items like cereal boxes or bags of flour
  5. Smear marks along your walls that come from liquid feces

If you notice any of these signs in your home, the best thing to do is reach out to Tim’s Pest Control for cockroach removal in Norwalk. Our company has been providing quality cockroach solutions since 1996. All of our services are based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management, which means that they address the root cause of problems and are safe for the entire household. For more information on cockroach control, call us.

What You Need To Know To Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Norwalk Yard

Mosquitoes will appear around your Norwalk yard year after year. They begin to appear when temperatures rise in the spring and will last throughout the early days of fall. Not only are these pests a nuisance, but they have the potential to be very dangerous to people and pets. In order to keep them away, try these tips:

  • Start with standing water. One of the most enticing conditions for mosquitoes is areas of standing water. This means that it’s very important to turn over bird baths routinely and clear out buckets or other items that collect water. 
  • Plants matter. There are some plants that contain properties that are said may deter mosquitoes. Those include basil, lavender, and citronella. 
  • Landscaping can help. In order to eliminate other potential hiding places for mosquitoes, clear away all yard debris. 
  • Making yourself unappealing to these pests is important. Female mosquitoes need your blood to reproduce and they will find you. In order to make yourself less attractive to them, opt for unscented hygiene products, limit your alcohol consumption, and wear light-colored clothes. 
  • Bring in assistance. The truth is, there are so many things that lure mosquitoes to yards like yours. For reliable mosquito treatments in Norwalk, consider reaching out to your local pest pro. 

For more information on mosquito control, call Tim’s Pest Control today. 

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