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Ladybug Control In Norwalk, CT

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Ladybug Control Services In Norwalk

Ladybugs are common beetles that are kind of a pleasant sight when they’re outside crawling around on flowers in Norwalk. They always sport pretty colors and funky patterns. Ladybugs can even be good for your garden. Despite their cute and cuddly looks, these little bugs are actually predators that eat all kinds of garden pests like scales, mealy bugs, mites, and especially juice-sucking aphids.

Ladybugs can easily go from garden buddies to nuisance pests if they decide to take over your house. When they breed or overwinter in your home, they can easily overrun it with their sheer numbers. Ladybugs swarm mostly in the fall when they’re looking for a warm and sheltered place to spend the winter. Once temperatures start to fall and you kick on the heat, ladybugs become attracted to your climate-controlled house because it is significantly warmer than any other place they can hide. They can’t hurt you, but when they invade your Norwalk area home by the thousands, they can drive you nuts!

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Our Norwalk, CT Ladybug Control Process

Ladybugs aren’t really attracted to anything in your house other than its warmth. You don’t have anything they want to eat, and they don’t need human habitations for water or even shelter when it’s warm. Since you can’t exactly turn off your heat all winter in Connecticut, there isn’t much you can do to make your house less attractive to ladybugs. That’s why our pest control plan focuses on exclusion and repellent.

We’ll inspect your home and check window frames, recess lighting, door sweeps, and other areas where ladybugs could be gaining access. We can treat these access points with repellent and help you physically seal them up against further invasion. We’ll also apply a treatment to the outside of your home to make it less appealing to ladybugs. Depending on the residential pest control plan you select, we can also continue to come out to your home to do preventative treatments after we clear an infestation. No matter the size of your infestation, Tim’s Pest Control can make the ladybugs in your loft find somewhere else to bed down for the winter.

A Ladybug-Free Home Is Just A Click Or Call Away

Ladybugs are typically seasonal pests, but it’s a whole lot easier (not to mention cheaper) to take preventative measures against them during the summer than to try to get rid of them after the fact halfway through the fall. By the time ladybugs are swarming inside your home, you’ll already have a big, stinky mess on your hands. That’s why you should call us here at Tim’s Pest Control before you wind up with an infestation – and most definitely after! We can help you treat and exclude ladybugs, so you never have to deal with them again. Learn more about our residential and commercial pest control options in Norwalk, and find out if you're in our service area!

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