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Home Pest Control In Norwalk, CT

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Norwalk's Premier Provider Of Residential Pest Control Services

Pests such as bed bugs and rodents can invade any home, no matter how well it's maintained. If you're seeing more cockroaches, spiders, or other unwelcome guests than usual, it might be time to call in a professional pest control service. Since 1996, Norwalk homeowners have trusted the professionals at Tim's Pest Control with all their interior and exterior pest control needs.

Tim's Pest Control is no stranger to tough pest problems in Norwalk. For more than 34 years, our certified team has been helping homeowners all over Connecticut get rid of pests for good. We offer a variety of services to keep our clients safe, happy, and healthy, with programs that include rodent extermination, tick removal, mosquito control, and more. Plus, our experienced professionals are always pleased to answer any questions you may have about pest control in our Connecticut service areas. We put the customer first!

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Tim's Pest Control Company Philosophy

As Norwalk's trusted pest control service for more than 34 years, Tim's Pest Control takes our service to the community very seriously. That's why we've been providing exemplary services to property owners since the very beginning, always looking for ways to refine our approach.

General pest control visits begin with a careful inspection of the property. Two technicians from Tim's Pest Control will look at the exterior of your home for moisture damage and check for holes that may be leading to entry points. Moving to the interior of the building, our professionals will check unfinished areas, any evidence of insects or mammals, or droppings that could signify a nearby infestation.

Should your home be facing a potential infestation, we will perform a thorough inspection that evaluates the entire property for insects near landscaping mulch, wood, or shady areas. After considering all factors, we can provide an accurate quote for your convenience. 

We service residential pest control clients on a regular basis:

  • Biweekly
  • Monthly
  • Bimonthly
  • Quarterly
  • Seasonal
  • Semiannually

If your home is facing rodent-related issues, our professionals can also step in with expert exclusion services to fix openings around the exterior or interior of your house to keep out pests fast and reduce your risk of nesting rats or mice. Every Norwalk home is different, and Tim's Pest Control is proud to consider all customer needs. We are here for you!

We always cater these visits to meet the customer's needs and wants. Request a free quote from Tim's Pest Control at your earliest convenience.

Our Home Pest Control Process


Our technicians will complete a full inspection of your home's interior and exterior to look for entry points and hiding spots for pests. We'll also check for any moisture damage that could be providing a hospitable environment for pests.


If we determine that you have a pest problem in the works, Tim's Pest Control will recommend a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. We offer both interior and exterior treatments and specialized programs for specific pests like rodents or ticks.

Follow Up

After our treatment plan is put into action, our technicians will visit your home for a follow-up to ensure that the pests are gone. We'll also check to make sure that the treatment didn't cause any damage to your home and provide ongoing customer education throughout the process.

Additional Pest Control Plans For Every Norwalk Home

There are a number of unique pest threats in Norwalk. From insects to mammals to everything in between, homeowners need to partner with a professional pest control company with results in mind.

Tim's Pest Control currently provides a host of helpful services to Norwalk homeowners, all of which will meet clients at their point of need. These include:

  • Rodent Control: Rats and mice don't stand a chance against the rodent control treatments of Tim's Pest Control.
  • Mosquito Control:  Keep your family safe from the dangers of mosquito-borne illnesses with one of our professional mosquito control services.
  • Tick Control: Protect yourself and your loved ones from disease, bites, and more with Tim's Pest Control and our fast-acting tick treatments.
  • Exclusion Work: Block up pest entry points with tools built to last the test of time.

We also use the following products and applications to get rid of pest activity for good:

  • Tick Killz Cedar Oil products
  • Mosquito control applications from In2Care
  • Termidor for wood borrowing insects 
  • Xcluder for rodent-stop fabric products and exterior exclusion

Call Tim's Pest Control today to learn more about your alternative pest control options. We're standing by to help however we can!

Eliminate Your Toughest Pest Problems With Tim's Pest Control

If you're dealing with a Norwalk pest problem of any size, don't hesitate to give Tim's Pest Control a call as soon as possible. Our experts are always available to help you get rid of pesky critters for good, with a host of services and treatment programs built for any home. Our additional home and lawn protection plans also provide a host of tick and mosquito treatments, both of which will keep your family safe from itchy bites, diseases, and unwanted pest activity.

At Tim's Pest Control, satisfaction with your pest control in Fairfield, CT and beyond is the name of the game. Request a free quote today!