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Pests Have No Place In Norwalk Homes

Our homes are places where we should expect to feel safe, and a special peace of mind comes with the knowledge of a pest-free property. The best way to assure your peace is not disturbed is with a proactive approach to home pest control. There are a number of local pests here in Norwalk that want nothing more than to get into your home and terrorize those who frequent it. Thankfully, Tim's Pest Control has the solution! We offer premium exclusion services for Norwalk's toughest rodents and insects that keep them out before the problems ever begin. Contact us today to request a free quote!

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What Is Exclusion & What Are The Benefits?

Many experts will tell you that the best way to control rodents in Norwalk is to prevent them from invading in the first place. When you request exclusion service from your Norwalk pest experts, that is exactly what you will get. We use Xcluder® products to stop pests and rodents in our area from entering your home. By applying a specially designed, quarter-inch cloth screen at entry points throughout your home, these pest invaders won't stand a chance!

Common entry points for pests and rodents include the following:

  • Attics

  • Basements

  • Chimneys

  • Crawl spaces

  • Doorways

  • Pipes and vents

  • Window sills

You may now be wondering, what are the benefits of pest and rodent exclusion in Norwalk? For starters, keeping pests out is an excellent way to prevent costly damage in your home. Rodents and other common pests tend to bite, chew, scratch, or otherwise damage personal effects within your home, as well as the structure itself! Additionally, keeping these pests away prevents them from contaminating your home with bacteria or bringing even smaller pest problems inside; fleas and ticks are hitchhiking pests that can easily enter your home by hiding out in the fur of mice and rats!

Listed below are even more benefits of pest exclusion services:

  • Cost-effective and energy-efficient

  • One-and-done services, rather than long-term treatments

  • Promotes safety by avoiding heavy chemical treatments for pests

  • Reduces cooling and heating costs by sealing inefficiencies in the structure such as cracks and crevices

You can find out even more about why our exclusion service is a great idea to protect your home by reaching out today.

Keeping The Pests Away From Your Property

Let's face it; nobody wants to deal with pest infestations in their home or business. Whether it's ants, cockroaches, rodents, or termites causing trouble around your property, the best response is to take immediate action. If pest prevention measures are off the table, contact Tim's Pest Control for residential and commercial management programs that are fast and effective. With over 34 years of industry experience in our Norwalk, CT service area, we are your local pest control authority, and we guarantee we will get the job done. Contact Tim's Pest Control today for more information about our Norwalk home pest control plans and commercial exterminator programs or to request your free quote!

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