Top 3 Thing That Attract Ants To Your Home

ants eating food

Ants are one of the most common pests that result in homeowners contacting a pest control company for help. Different types of ants are especially common during the warm summer months. Because they come in such large numbers and can quickly infiltrate your pantry and food supply, an ant problem can be difficult to manage. Could you be attracting ants into your home without being aware of it? The following are the top three things that can attract ants to your home and what you should do if you have an ant infestation.

Food Sources

Almost any food that is good for you and your family will likely serve as an excellent source of nourishment to ants as well. Ants are attracted to most types of human food, but they are especially fond of sweet foods. Many types of ants are drawn to jelly, syrup, honey, candy, and other rich sources of sugar. Many households have areas within their pantry or on their countertops where products such as these get spilled, leaving a tempting source of food for ants to find. Once one or two ants stumble upon this tasty treat, they will leave behind a scent trail to attract the rest of the colony, and you will soon have a huge infestation.

Water Or Moisture

Just as they can’t live without a good source of food, ants also need a water source to survive. Ants do not drink just to quench their immediate thirst. They also take water back to their colony to store it for future use. Therefore, when they find a good source of water, they will leave a scent trail to attract other ants, and they will all keep coming back for more. Broken pipes, roof leaks, potted plants, and even accumulated condensation can all be sources of moisture that are attractive to nearby ants. Opening a window or running a fan in the bathroom can help prevent a buildup of excess moisture that can attract ants.

Plants And Flowers

While most types of ants don’t necessarily eat houseplants, this doesn’t mean they aren’t attracted to them for a variety of reasons. Insects including ants are naturally drawn to flowers due to their sweet fragrances. Additionally, flowers and plants are usually damp and provide a coveted source of moisture for curious ants. Other pests that are attracted to indoor plants, such as aphids, can also leave behind residues that are attractive to ants. While the ants are not likely to use your indoor flowers and plants as a source of food, they can cause damage that can negatively affect the plant’s health and lifespan.

Ants are one of the most common pests that can infiltrate your home. Ants reside in large colonies and where there is one, there are usually hundreds if not more. Ants can damage the structures in your home as well as get into your food supply, resulting in contamination issues. Some types of ants are even capable of inflicting painful or itchy bites.

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