Weston, CT Pest Control

Although it's located just 45 miles northeast of New York City, Weston, Connecticut, is a quiet place. It's a fantastic choice for families thanks to its top-rated schools, numerous parks, low crime rate and strong community ties. In fact, it's considered by many to be one of the best places in Connecticut to call home. However, it is not immune to pest problems. If pests are causing issues for your home or business, turn to Tim's Pest Control. We're ready to tackle any pest problem.

Residential Pest Control

Living with pests is indisputably unpleasant. Termites, carpenter bees and carpenter ants can damage your property. Ants and flies can contaminate food. Bedbugs, fleas, spiders and ticks bite, leaving itchy welts and health worries in their wake. Bees and wasps can deliver painful stings. When mice or rats move in, you don't even have to have direct contact with them to find your health at risk. While these animals can bite and bring in fleas and ticks, merely breathing in the air after their nests or dropping have been disturbed can be hazardous. Fortunately, Weston residents don't have to live with pests. Tim's Pest Control can get rid of your pest problem. Licensed and insured, we are committed to delivering quality pest control services. Our pest professionals have a thorough understanding of pests and the techniques and tools that eliminate them. We'll evaluate the situation carefully, apprise you of our findings, and offer effective strategies for solving your pest troubles.

Commercial Pest Control

If pests invade your business, they can cause damage to both the property and your reputation. Our commercial pest control services offer a fast, effective solution that protects your business and the health and safety of everyone who visits it. Whether your facility is an office building, school, apartment building, hotel, restaurant, food processing facility, retail location or warehouse, we can pinpoint the problem and create a customized treatment plan. Using a blend of treatments and time-tested and cutting edge techniques, we'll eliminate your pest issue so that you can get back to business.

Our Services

Our experienced team of pest control professionals will work quickly and efficiently to put a stop to your pest problem. We're prepared to provide treatments against a wide array of pests:

With more than 20 years of experience serving the homes and businesses in and around Weston, Tim's Pest Control knows what works. Why tolerate unwelcome invaders in your space? Contact Tim's Pest Control today to request a free quote.