Norwalk Pest Control

Keep your home safe and clear of pests with Tim's Pest Control. Whether you have a stubborn ant problem or a new infestation of bed bugs, we exterminate the pests and give you peace of mind. When you want to keep pests outdoors where they belong, let TPC come in and clean house.

Ants, Bed Bugs and Termites

Ants actively search for food and raid your kitchen cabinets and pantries. They even get into the bathroom area and drink from the sinks and bathtubs. They contaminate your food and leave behind pheromone trails that signal thousands of ants to continue their onslaught of your home.

Bed bugs get into your home in a variety of ways, from visiting someone's home to bringing in used furniture from a garage sale. These bugs don't spread disease, but they do bite and leave behind welts and rashes. Bed bugs multiply quickly and grow out of control in no time. They dwell in beds, carpets and furniture and resist a lot of over-the-counter products.

Termites look similar to ants but cause massive damage to your home's structure. They also feed on wooden furniture, wood piles and fences. These small but devastating pests destroy over 10 pounds of wood a month, and they grow into large colonies that bombard your home from both the ground and the air.

Dependable Pest Control in Norwalk

Have trouble with ants, bed bugs and termites in your home? Contact Tim's Pest Control for a free quote. We create customized plans to treat your home and eradicate the offending pests. We also specialize in preventative maintenance, which keeps the bugs from coming back.