New Canaan Pest Control

Whether you're dealing with bed bugs or termites, outdoor pests create havoc in and around your home. Whereas some pests come into your home in search of food and water, others use your home as a source of food and shelter. When pests take over your home, depend on Tim's Pest Control to eliminate the problem.

Bed Bugs, Termites and Wasps

Once you get bed bugs, it's hard to get rid of them with over-the-counter means. These bugs multiply in great numbers and dwell in your carpet, bedding and furniture. They continuously bite you throughout the night and feed on your blood. Bed bugs get into your home in a variety of ways, from buying used furniture or from visiting an infested location.

Dampwood, drywood, subterranean and Formosan termites feed on your home's structure and cause widespread damage over time. These small, invasive pests look like ants but destroy wooden furniture, fencing and more. They build large colonies and invade your property by the thousands.

Wasps have powerful stings that leave behind large welts. If you have an allergy to bee and wasp stings, these small insects pose a threat to your health. Wasps build nests around your home's perimeter, on deck railings, patio ceilings and more. They attack in swarms and create dangerous hazards for children and pets.

Target Outdoor Pests at the Source

Have trouble with invasive pests in your home? Contact Tim's Pest Control for a free quote. We create customized plans and use the latest equipment and techniques to rid your home of the infestation and prevent the pests from coming back.