Greenwich, CT Pest Control

Discovering that your Greenwich, CT, home has been invaded by termites, carpenter ants or other pests is one of the most stressful things that you can experience as a homeowner. Naturally, you want to show the pests the door as quickly as possible. However, if you attempt to handle the issue yourself, you'll probably be disappointed. Do-it-yourself pest control is rarely effective because it doesn't address the root cause of the problem. Tim's Pest Control stays on top of the latest pest control techniques, and our team will make short work of your infestation problem.

Pests in Greenwich

During the winter months, residents of Greenwich enjoy a bit of a reprieve from the area's most common pests. The vast majority of pests in the area prefer warm, moist conditions, and that perfectly describes the climate of Connecticut from late spring through early fall. Our company receives calls for assistance with handling infestations of termites, carpenter ants and many other types of pests. Regardless of the nature of your problem, you can rest assured of getting excellent results.

Some of the most common pests that we assist clients with around the area include:

Termites - Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a homeowner like learning that termites are underfoot. Since these pests subsist off of cellulose-based materials, including wood, they tend to be extraordinarily destructive. They typically get into homes through tiny cracks and crevices, and they are drawn there by moist conditions and access to food sources. Signs of a termite infestation include mud tubes on exterior walls; bubbling or cracking paint; and discarded wings and droppings. Through Integrated Pest Management and other techniques, Tim's Pest Control will eliminate termites from the premises and take steps to prevent their return.

Carpenter Ants - Most ant species are relatively harmless. As their name implies, though, carpenter ants like to tear up wood. These are among the largest ants out there, so they are easy to see. Don't assume that things are fine if you've only seen a few ants here and there. It probably means that a bustling colony is located nearby. Tim's Pest Control will take steps to eliminate ants from your property, including using bait traps to poison and eliminate the entire colony. We can also assess your home and property and provide guidance on steps that you can take to prevent future occurrences.

Why Tim's Pest Control?

At Tim's Pest Control, we know that you have plenty of options when it comes to pest control in Greenwich, CT. However, we are confident that you won't find better service elsewhere. Unlike many pest control companies, we take a personalized approach to the situation by developing custom treatment plans for our valued customers. We are fully licensed and insured and have been in business since 1996. Most importantly of all, we are staffed by experienced, extensively trained technicians who are well-versed in eliminating and preventing pests of all kinds.

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Don't wait until the weather gets nicer to do something about your pest infestation. For more than 20 years now, Tim's Pest Control has been the name to trust for first-rate pest control services in Greenwich and surrounding areas. No matter what kinds of pests you are dealing with, we have you covered. Give us a call today for more information or to schedule service.