Fairfield Pest Control

At Tim's Pest Control, we are familiar with the pests that can affect your Fairfield home or business. Common pests in our area include wasps, rodents, and ticks.


There are many solitary and social flying insects that are known as wasps. Nests can form on most interior and exterior surfaces, and wasps are small enough to enter the building through any small opening. Property damage is not likely, but damage has been reported. Many wasps are equipped with a venomous stinger that is used for defense and egg laying. Some species are aggressive, and wasps are capable of delivering multiple stings. The sting is painful, and individuals with certain allergies may experience a dangerous reaction.


Rodents in our area are small mammals that invade buildings in search of food and nesting materials. Rats, mice, and squirrels are some of the most common invaders. To enter the property, a rodent needs a hole that is wide enough to accommodate its skull. Rodent incisors continue to grow throughout the animal's life, and those powerful teeth can chew through wood, insulation, and other building materials. One rodent can cause significant property damage. Additionally, rodents can carry dangerous parasites, including fleas and ticks.


Ticks feed on the blood of humans and other animals. Ticks use a structure, known as a hypostome, to remain anchored to the host. These pests are invasion experts, but many ticks are brought inside by humans and pets. Ticks are vectors for many potentially dangerous diseases, including Lyme disease, tick-borne meningoencephalitis, Colorado tick fever, and others. A single tick can infect a human with more than one ailment.

If your property has been affected by any of these pests, contact us for a free quote. Our customized professional services can address your pest control concerns.