Darien, CT Pest Control

People who live or work in Darien have a lot to brag about. It’s one of the cleanest, safest, community-oriented towns in the country. The schools rival any in New England. The parks, beaches and fall foliage can’t be beat, and the golfing’s not bad either.

Pest problems are one of the few downsides here in paradise, but we have the knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art technology to keep your investment safe.

Residential Pest Control

From common kitchen ants to unwelcome wildlife, pests can make life miserable for Fairfield County families. The mere mention of termites is enough to make any homeowner shudder, but plenty of other critters also do structural damage, ruin gardens or pose health hazards. Several species of beetles call Darien home, and none of them make good houseguests. Wood-boring beetles can eat right through the main structure of a home, leaving unsightly holes and compromised supports. Carpet beetles also feast on rugs, curtains, upholstery and clothes. Carpenter bees, carpenter ants and even some wasps are capable of extensive damage as well. However, that’s the least of your worries if you’re allergic to their venom. Rodents and their stowaway fleas and ticks also carry serious health risks. Our prompt, friendly technicians have the know-how to identify all kinds of insect and animal species. That’s a critical skill for choosing the right treatment. They can diagnose your problem, provide affordable solutions, and give you tips for preventing future infestations.

Commercial Pest Control

Competing in business is tough enough as it is without flies, roaches or stinging insects menacing your customers. Beetle, bedbug and rodent infestations are quiet and insidious. If you spot just one or two of these vermin, you may already have a significant problem that could affect your bottom line. No business is too small or too large for regularly scheduled inspections and treatments. We have years of experience ridding restaurants, schools, stores, hotels, office buildings and industrial facilities of unwanted pests. Our crew members work as quickly as possible around your schedule to minimize downtime, and they’re discreet and courteous during business hours. You can count on them to use safe, effective products that will not put your clients’ or employees’ health in danger.

Here are some of the repeat offenders that we encounter in homes and businesses around Darien:

Our Commitment

At Tim’s Pest Control, we’re committed to protecting your investment, guarding your health and improving your quality of life. Call us today for a free quote on fast solutions and preventative maintenance.