Cinch Bug Control in Fairfield County

chinch bugSome of the most disgusting and creepy creatures on earth are cockroaches, which are medium to large-sized insects with 6 spiny legs and 2 long antennae, and some even have wings. They may make squealing, chirping, or clicking sounds and emit a foul, musty odor. Scurrying across the floor faster than lightning, they are almost impossible to catch or get rid of. However, they are considered beneficial to the environment by feasting on decayed organic materials and waste. No matter where you live in the world, you will find these critters, and they can survive in the most defile places, withstand horrible weather conditions, and live without food for long periods of time.

Dangers of Cinch Bugs

But be warned - if they take up residence in your home, they can damage wallpaper, infest your food supply, crawl inside books, and worst of all, are carriers of germs, diseases, and allergens. If you see one, chances are that there are undetected colonies hiding inside cracks and crevices, cupboards, the pantry, floor drains, or inside and behind appliances. You may not see all of them, because they are nocturnal and only raid at night.

Signs of Cinch Bugs in your Fairfield County Home

Signs of cockroaches include tiny brown stains, pellets, or coffee ground or black pepper-type cockroach droppings, oval shaped egg cases, or dead bodies. They love warm environments with plenty of food, water, and nesting places.

Do-it-yourself methods for ridding your home Fairfield County home of cinch bugs include spray insecticides, adhesive cockroach traps, roach hotels, liquid chemical drops and tablets.

However, if these measures do not work, contact us at Tim's Pest Control for an inspection of your house and for help in determining options for extermination. We are licensed to use professional grade chemicals inside and outside your home to exterminate unwanted pests.