Carpenter Ant Control in Fairfield County

Evidence of Carpenter Ants

Ant 1At Tim’s Pest Control, we know how to eliminate carpenter ants from your Fairfield County home or business. This ant species enters a home through small crevices around windows and doorways. After entering a home, the groups of ants create tunnels in a building’s frame for nesting locations. The ants have a large body requiring tunnel sizes that eventually cause serious damage to the wood inside a home. As the ants rapidly breed, you may begin to notice evidence of the insects’ presence. Homeowners in Fairfield County may find frass or sawdust around the ant’s entry points. The sawdust material is a result of the carpenter ant's digging process.

Structural Damage by Carpenter Ants

Occasionally, you may see a solitary ant scurrying on the floor or walls. However, most carpenter ants remain hidden inside a network of tunnels. While this particular ant species does not consume wood as termites do, it still causes extensive structural problems for a building. A homeowner should not try to exterminate carpenter ants with store-bought sprays or traps. These amateur devices actually make future generations of ants a stronger species. In addition, new generations of ants will hatch from eggs hidden in nests in your home.

Professional Fairfield County Home Inspections

When you call us at Tim’s Pest Control, we arrive promptly at a private residence or business to make a thorough inspection. We determine where the ants are entering a home to ensure eggs in nesting sites are destroyed during the extermination process. An important part of our home inspection for carpenter ants is checking outside areas of a building including decks, fences and outbuildings. Our pest control experts will apply pest control methods near entry locations so that insects will carry it to the nesting locations. Call Tim's today for a guaranteed solution to your carpenter ant infestation. We service Norwalk, Weston, and the surrounding area.