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Residential pests like ants, bed bugs and rodents can quickly diminish the enjoyment of your house. Connecticut is home to red pavement ants as well as their black carpenter and Formica counterparts, which have similar features. While most ants establish colonies beneath woodpiles and other sheltered areas, pavement ants prefer asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Ants will invade your house in search of food and protection from the elements. These pests raid pantries and countertops in search of open containers, dirty dishes and spilled crumbs. Carpenter and Formica ants are renowned for their bites and the formic acid that they spray on the skin during an attack, which can cause a burning sensation and itchy, red bumps.

Elusive predators, bed bugs were named for their tendency to feed on sleeping hosts. Travelers unwittingly bring these insects into their homes in luggage and clothing. Bed bugs can also enter your home from an infested adjoining dwelling through shared duct-work and ceilings. The bites cause rashes and blisters. Other signs of a bed bug infestation include blood and fecal smears on the bedding. After feeding, bed bugs hide in the box spring, mattress and upholstered furniture.

Along with being a potential health hazard, a rodent infestation can cause considerable structural damage. Rodents can spread a number of potentially life-threatening diseases, such as salmonella, rat-bite fever, Hantavirus and hemorrhagic fever. They transmit these diseases through contact, a bite or by tainting your food with their droppings. It may also be possible to become sick by inhaling air and dust that has been contaminated. Rodents can weaken a structure by chewing through support members and cause fires by gnawing away the insulation covering electrical wires.

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