Where Do Bees Go In the Winter?

BeeIn the summer months, gardens are filled with the buzz of honeybees. They are extremely active as they go in and out of their hives. However, when winter hits, where do these flying creatures go?

As the outside temperatures plunge, bees naturally begin to gather so that they stay warm in the cold times ahead. Even though they are not visible, bees remain active throughout the entire winter season. They do not hibernate or die after they lay their eggs. Since bees are cold blooded, it is essential that they remain warm.

How do Bees Stay Warm?

Bees cluster. Their main job is to take care of the queen. She must remain safe and warm. Worker bees flutter their wings and shake their bodies. This movement keeps energy flowing so that the hive temperature stays comfortable and warm enough for them to survive. However, bees need a form of food to maintain adequate energy. They must have a full honey supply.

Where do Bees Get Their Honey?

A bee keeper should supply the hive with enough honey to last the winter. Also, additional feed should be supplied when the weather warms. Bees need some sustenance before the spring flowers bud.

Why Bees are Important

Bees play a crucial role in the preservation of our planet. They have stiff hair and pockets on their legs so that they can gather the maximum amount of pollen and easily transport it to other plants. They are responsible for pollinating numerous flowers and other vegetation. This helps farmers and saves the agriculture industry a great deal of money. Honey, broccoli, apples, and almonds are just a few examples of foods that would not be available without the bee population.

Dangers of Bees

Although bees are beneficial, their stings can cause great harm. Even though bees do not intentionally attack humans, their stings are painful and can be deadly. During a sting, poison is sent through an individual's immune system. Itching, swelling, and redness may occur. If an individual has a severe reaction, he or she may experience nausea, fainting, or death.

What to Do When an Infestation Occurs

Even though bees are beneficial to the planet, they can cause major headaches if they infest your home or business. Bees find their way into structures. They can fit into extremely small spaces and often nest in walls or attics. To make sure that these insects do not become a hazard, it is essential to work with a group of trusted professionals who will effectively get rid of the infestation.

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