Things That Don’t Work When Pest Proofing Your Home

You have a pest problem, and naturally want to take action to eradicate those little buggers from your Connecticut home. Just remember that prevention is key. Missing a few key steps will make your pest control much less effective. Here is a list of things that we at Tim's Pest Control recommend you should not do when trying to control pests in your home.

Sources Pests Love

Don’t leave food and water sources around your home. Pests will absolutely seek them out. Don’t have food sources like bird feeders close to your home and seal all pet foods that may be in your garage. Try to remove anything outside that might serve as a pest shelter, such as old hollow logs or empty containers. Look for holes or other entry points outside of your home, and seal them off to keep pests out. Damp basements are of particular concern as are places where pipes are coming into the home. Repair holes in screens and add weather stripping to doors and windows.

Try to eliminate any source of moisture inside or outside your home. Don’t leave standing water anywhere, and make sure that leaks in pipes are fixed under sinks and toilets so that water does not accumulate.

Indoors, make sure that food is not left out on counters and seal all pantry foods in plastic bags or other containers. Wipe counters, wipe off sticky jars in the pantry, and rinse out your recycling containers. Regularly take out your garbage and don’t leave it to pile up uncovered in your kitchen for too long. Take up pet food and water after your pet is done with their meal. Regularly vacuum couch cushions to remove crumbs.

No Breeding Grounds

Cardboard and paper are a great breeding ground for all kinds of pests, so don’t keep cardboard boxes in your attic, and don’t let newspapers stack up around the house.

Yard debris is also a great place for nests, so clean up leaf piles and branches around the home. Be sure to also store firewood well away from the house, and keep it elevated off the ground. Trim trees and shrubs away from the house so that pests don’t have a direct pathway into your home or attic. Pests are attracted to animal waste, so clean up after your dogs and don’t leave pet feces in your yard for too long.

The best “don’t” of all is to not try do-it-yourself pest control. If you have a pest problem, it is best to call the professionals at Tim's Pest Control. We’ll use the proper chemicals that are safe for children and pets, and that means you won’t have to handle or store any pesticides. We’ve seen it all from roaches to rodents, so our professionals will assess what you need. We’ll apply the right solutions in the right places around your home to create worry-free pest removal.

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