How Spring Cleaning Helps Prevent Pest Problems

BeetleAs winter comes to an end in Connecticut, many people embrace a time-honored tradition known as spring cleaning. They thoroughly clean their homes and belongings while discarding unwanted items. Although these efforts can't always prevent pest problems, they greatly reduce the risk in several ways.

Food Remnants

Cleaning removes food particles and residues from indoor surfaces. This will prevent your home from attracting ants, mice, cockroaches or larder beetles. Keep in mind that a tiny crumb looks like a substantial meal in the eyes of some insects.

Nesting Materials

Rodents can use scraps of fabric, foam or insulation to build nests. Spring cleaning eliminates such debris from your home. This decreases the chance that you'll find a mouse nest in a cabinet, appliance or vehicle.


This tradition provides an excellent opportunity to banish clutter. Seldom-used objects offer hiding places for nearly every type of vermin. Most pests prefer to hide after eating your food or biting you. Think about throwing away old boxes, expired ingredients and broken things that you'll probably never fix.

Washing Laundry

If you've accumulated piles of grimy clothing or bedding, be sure to wash everything. Dirty laundry attracts certain pests, such as mosquitoes and bedbugs. Set the washing machine to use hot water if possible. This increases the likelihood that you'll kill any hidden insects or eggs.

Erasing Trails

Some bugs use feces or pheromone trails to communicate with fellow insects. These residues may lead them to food and safe hiding places. Numerous cleaning products can eliminate such markings. The simplest solution is to mix water with vinegar in a spray bottle and apply it to hard surfaces.

Sealing Cracks

Cleaning may reveal cracks or holes that were previously covered by clutter and grime. After the surface dries, you can seal openings with a caulking gun. Hot glue also works well. It costs more than caulk but dries almost instantly and isn't as messy.

Finding Pests

You may discover a few insects in the process of cleaning and decluttering your house or apartment. This gives you an opportunity to eliminate them before a minor problem turns into an infestation. Remember to carefully inspect hidden areas that you rarely clean.


If a serious infestation still develops, your cleaning efforts will make it possible to banish pests more quickly and easily. This often reduces the cost as well. It's difficult to rid your home of vermin when it offers abundant hiding places, nesting materials and sources of food.

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