If you have wondered if bed bugs can travel on your clothes, hair and other surfaces, this is the article you have been waiting for. The short answer to this often-pondered question is “no”, but there is more to be learned. Keep reading to learn all about this topic.

Bed Bugs Don’t Travel On You, But Your Luggage Is a Different Storage

Your body does not make a good hiding place for bed bugs, as it does not stay still long enough for them to nest safely. Bed bugs love hiding, and they need a stable hiding place that is not constantly in motion to safely lay their eggs.

Conversely, the inside of your suitcase, your backpack and even your laptop bag are all prime nesting and traveling areas for bed bugs. They make great hiding places, they stay relatively stable and once you arrive and unpack they can spread and breed as they please.

What to Do About Bed Bugs

If you have spotted these little pests that are about ¼” long and have flat reddish-brown bodies, immediately call a professional to ensure you get all of them. Given their great love of hiding, if you see a few of them, they may already be nesting throughout the house.

Trying a DIY approach to dealing with bed bugs may cause them to spread. As you clean your sheets, pillows and other bedding or furniture, you may inadvertently spread live bugs and eggs around your house during the cleaning process. It is always better to let a bed bug problem be solved by professionals.

Preventing Bed Bugs

Avoid using or taking curbside furniture or buying old furniture from private sellers. More than likely, those items have not been treated for bed bugs, or may have become infested with them while awaiting sale or pickup. It is also not advisable to spray insecticide to kill bed bugs, as exposure to it can cause health issues for pets and humans. Truly, the best course of action when you spot bed bugs or suspect them is to call a professional immediately.

If you reside in the Hartford, Connecticut area and think you may have a bed bug infestation in your home or at a rental property, contact Tim’s Pest Control today and set up a consultation to get rid of them fast. Getting rid of bed bugs can be complicated and challenging. Leave it to the pros at Tim’s, and rest easy knowing your bed bug infestation is no longer an issue.