Bees and Wasp Control in Fairfield County

BeeBees and wasps in Fairfield County are stinging insects belonging to the order hymenoptera. The order hymenoptera also includes ants and sawflies, and the name references the wings of the 150,000 insects under this classification. Bees and wasps have many similarities, including their body structure, which consists of a head, an abdomen, and a thorax.

Dangers of Bees and Wasps Fairfield County

But bees and wasps have many differences that are difficult to see from afar, but that make these insects unique. Of greatest concern to humans is the aggressiveness of the bees and wasps, which varies. Bees tend to be less aggressive; honey bees actually die after stinging a single person, though others can sting more than once. In contrast, wasps can sting multiple targets and tend to be more aggressive. More subtle differences between bees and wasps include the shapes of body parts and the amount of hair present on legs.

Bees and wasps are unwelcome guests, but they often make their way into homes and other dwellings. In fact, their entrance is usually accidental. They can crawl into spaces less than half their size, making them difficult to prevent and sometimes difficult to access when it's time to get rid of them.

Once they have made a nest or hive in the walls or attic of a home, bees and wasps can pose some risks. For starters, trapped bees and wasps may feel threatened and sting when approached. Perhaps more seriously, some types of bees and wasps can cause structural damage in the walls of a home, leading to long-term danger.

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