Bed Bug Exterminator in Stamford

Bedbug 2At Tim's Pest Control, in Norwalk, we have seen a surge in bedbug infestations. Bedbugs are small parasitic insects that feed on the blood of warm animals; being warm-blooded, people are an ideal host for these wingless insects. Typically, bedbugs inhabit places where people nest; this includes their couches, beds and soft furnishings.

When seen up close, bedbugs have a light tan or burnt orange color. After they molt, bed bugs are plain white; after feeding, bed bugs have a red blob of color in the center of their body. Adult bedbugs grow to 4-5 mm; they are practically impossible to see with the naked eye.

How Bed Bugs enter your Stamford Home

In the past, bedbugs were associated with dirty hotel rooms; today, we have seen bedbugs infest commercial establishments, apartments, dorms and residential dwellings. The most common ways they can get into your home include:

Accidental Exposure – When traveling, people often get exposed to bedbugs. The most common culprits are hotels, airports, luggage and public transportation. Once they latch onto your skin or clothing, you can bring them right into your home.

Old Furniture – Be careful when visiting yard sales and flea markets; old furniture, pre-owned mattresses and used clothing can infest your home with bedbugs.

Damage caused by Bed Bugs

Bedbugs feed on humans; this usually occurs at night when they are sleeping. The bedbugs pierce your skin, deposit saliva and feed on your blood. After the bedbugs are done feeding, people experience an allergic reaction to the saliva in their wounds.

If bitten, your skin becomes red, irritated and itchy; if you scratch the rash, you run the risk of it getting infected. If you suspect bedbugs, it is important to hire Tim's Pest Control. Bedbugs don't go away on their own; if you don't get rid of them professionally, they will constantly feed on your blood. Eventually, if untreated, bedbug symptoms can get so bad that they disrupt your sleep patterns and daily activities.