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Termite Control in NorwalkTermite

Although some homeowners in Norwalk wish they were no more than an urban legend, termites are actually determined pests that can cause serious damage to a home or business. While termites primarily consume wood, they also eat paper and can cause damage to books, building insulation, swimming pools and filtration systems.

Signs of Termites in your Norwalk Home

Most termite invasions are discovered in the spring when winged termites, called “swarmers,” literally swarm, often inside of homes. This occurs as termites from a single colony disperse to form new colonies of their own. Other signs of termite infestation in or around a home include the appearance of mud tubes that extend over walls, fences and other structures. Termite damage to wood will appear as an area hollowed out along the grain, and termites frequently bore through plaster walls to reach wood support beams.

Call the Professionals at Tim's Pest Control

If you discover a termite problem, do not try to self-treat the area. It requires knowledge of building construction to effectively identify how termites are accessing the building. The professionals at Tim’s Pest Control in Norwalk, CT, utilize special equipment to locate and eradicate the termites plaguing homes and businesses

Unlike do-it-yourself treatments, which are seldom effective and rarely prevent future infestations, our termite treatments quickly and accurately eliminate the problem, enabling you to get back to life as usual. Waiting around to see if the problem will go away on its own or trying to use cut-rate DIY treatments almost always result in a worse termite problem. The more quickly you act, the less damage termites will be able to do to your property.

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