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Dangers of Rodents in your home

Pests in the home are more than just an annoyance. Did you know that pests can affect your health as well? Rodents carry dozens of diseases that can be passed on to humans, and you may never even see them! You may just come in contact with the mess they leave behind. Mice and rats can pass on disease through direct contact or urine and feces. Even the parasites they carry, such as fleas and tics, can make you ill. Controlling pests - like rodents - in the home, provides a safer and healthier environment. To avoid contact with the rodents, or the parasites they carry, it is best to hire an experienced professional.

Why you should choose Tim's Pest Control in Norwalk

Tim's Pest Control can help you eliminate these irritating and unhealthy guests. We have been servicing the Norwalk area for over 14 years and are equipped to handle all your pest control needs.  We offer the highest quality service and your individual situation is assessed by a caring professional to provide a custom treatment plan. Whether you need us to evict a pest once or are looking for a long-term maintenance plan, we are here with the tools needed to protect your home or business. We are a licensed and insured BBB accredited business, and our caring, professional customer service is a cut above the rest. We believe our customer service and the results we provide speak for themselves.

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